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Associação de plantas e jardins em climas mediterrânico  -  Mediterranean Gardening Association Portugal

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Associação de Plantas e Jardins     em Climas Mediterrânico

Mediterranean Gardening    Association Portugal

To promote Mediterranean plants and gardens, through education, cultivation, conservation and recognition of their communal, environmental and economic importance in our everyday lives.


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MGAP is Affiliated to The Mediterranean Garden Society, with some members in both organisations

Secretary - Rosie Peddle mgapsec@gmail.com - Rosie has lived in Portugal since 2004. She gardens “as little as possible” on four acres of old farmland in the Eastern Algarve which is regularly open to visitors.

She is keenly interested in the conservation of plants and their habitats, having worked as a volunteer with the UK charity, Plant Heritage which is responsible for the National Plant Collection Scheme.

Rosie is a Fellow of The Linnean Society of London.

President -  Marilyn Medina Ribeiro mgappres@gmail.com - Marilyn has degrees in Graphic Design and Landscape Management and has worked in nurseries, parks and private gardens.

In 2008 she moved to live in the Algarve, managing hotel gardens, native plant gardens and later founding her own company to promote sustainable land management.

Dr. Gerhard Zabel, Scientific Adviser - Gerhard is an Agronomist who has previously worked in development projects in arid (Niger) and semi-arid (South Portugal) regions. Since the foundation of his Quinta da Figueirinha near Silves in the Algarve, small botanical gardens have been created, based on an interest for experimenting and the passion for biodiversity but also to provide a contribution to the conservation of genetic resources.

Treasurer -  Rob Peddle mgaptreasurer@gmail.com  Rob is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with many years of senior management experience across a number of industry sectors and companies. He is also a professional Project Manager.

Whilst not an expert plantsman, he has a passion for sustainable gardening and the use of appropriate plants and landscape for appropriate environments. This is particularly relevant in the mediterranean climate, where we need to think both in the short and long term and enjoy the diversity that is around us already.

Burford Hurry, (President 2014 to 2019) - Burford was born and grew up in South Africa and then went to Gweru, Zimbabwe where he was a lecturer at a teacher’s college. During that time he was gardening in the highveld of Gauteng and in the Midlands of Zimbabwe. He left that country in 1986 and has lived in Portugal since.  His African background where heat, drought and cold are not uncommon factors in gardening has been a great help.

He has always loved gardening and also enjoys designing gardens, trying to use as many indigenous plants as possible and some of the more suitable plants that come from his home country. Burford has been gardening in the Algarve for many years and his garden is open for visits.

Who we are

Mediterranean Gardening Association Portugal

Founding Members

Events Coordinator - Tessa Hearn mgapevents@gmail.com

Membership Secretary - Miranda Wallace - mgapmembers@gmail.com

Education Coordinator - Currently Vacant - mgapprof@gmail.com (monitored email)

Fairs Coordinator, Currently Vacant - mgapfairs@gmail.com (monitored email)