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Associação de plantas e jardins em climas mediterrânico  -  Mediterranean Gardening Association Portugal

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Associação de Plantas e Jardins     em Climas Mediterrânico

Mediterranean Gardening    Association Portugal

To promote Mediterranean plants and gardens, through education, cultivation, conservation and recognition of their communal, environmental and economic importance in our everyday lives.


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After completing studies in Biology and Economics, Jean-Paul Brigand divided his time in Paris between financial mathematics (financial actuary) and his passion for gardens. In 2001 he and his wife, Ann Kenny, moved to the Alentejo coast in Portugal to start a garden.

Over the last 10 years they have created a traditional Mediterranean garden with only edible or fragrant plants. The main collections are citrus (the largest collection in the south of Europe after l'INRA), pomegranates, mulberries (Morus alba & M. nigra), fig trees, abutilons, rare varieties of ginger, day lilies, desert fruits etc.

Jean-Paul Brigand contributed to the process of setting up the Jardins Remarquables scheme in France.

They accompany the work of planting with research on the use of old or not yet acclimatized varieties; how to grow them, cook them, store them, and then share this knowledge. Jean-Paul wrote a monthly article on fruit orchards for the Portuguese gardening magazine Jardins.

Blog at olharfeliz.typepad.com

Economic Factors of Garden Tourism  - Jean-Paul Brigand contributed to the process of setting up the successful “Jardins Remarquables” scheme in France, a list of remarkable gardens by region throughout France. Here he talks on the economics of garden tourism.

This online version of the talk has been produced and sponsored by the Mediterranean Gardening Association of Portugal.

 Bulb Packing team for MGA Bulb Order Narcissus bulbocodium growing wild on a recently burnt hillside

For more information visit (English) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remarkable_Gardens_of_France

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