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Associação de plantas e jardins em climas mediterrânico  -  Mediterranean Gardening Association Portugal

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Associação de Plantas e Jardins     em Climas Mediterrânico

Mediterranean Gardening    Association Portugal

To promote Mediterranean plants and gardens, through education, cultivation, conservation and recognition of their communal, environmental and economic importance in our everyday lives.


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Despite the incredible knowledge available via the internet, it is still  sometimes invaluable to have a book to consult, in the car, in the garden, on a walk or even if on holiday in a new area.  We have decided to hold a stock of recommended books for sale.

Books. Publications & Reading Lists

Publications for Sale

Book Launches & Reviews

Whenever possible we will also offer relevant books for sale at our events and meetings. These books will also be available to buy via this page. Prices quoted do not include postage which will be charged at cost and notified before the order is confirmed.

We actively seek donations of good condition second hand books on relevant subjects.

It is also possible for you to reserve copies for collection at events, please send any orders to info@mediterraneangardeningportugal.org

California Native Plants for the Garden  pp 271 2005 - EN

ISBN 0-9628505-8-6

Bornstein, Carol, David Fross and Bart O´Brien Cachuma Press 

A comprehensive resource featuring 500+ plants with 450 photos of the best Californian natives for horticulture. Recommendations of species for a variety of situations.

*The Dry Garden    pp 237 1998  - EN

ISBN 0-75281-642X

Chatto, Beth Orion Books Ltd 

Guidance on soil,design and plantings suited to dry  conditions. Detailed list of plants with notes on their characteristics and how to grow them but no reference to cold hardiness.

The New Book of Salvias   pp 344 2008 - EN

ISBN 978-0-88192-193-3

Clebsch, Betsy The Timber Press 

Botanical description, habit, blooming cycle and usage of 150 salvias with recommended companion plants.

Plant Life in the world´s Mediterranean Climates   pp 1998 - EN

ISBN 0-520-20808-0

Dallman P Univ of California Press 

An overview of the landscapes, vegetation types and plants of the five regions with Mediterranean climate. Tendency to be heavily weighted toward California.

Australian Plants for Mediterranean Gardens  pp 142 2003 - EN

ISBN 1-877058-18-1

Elliot, Rodger Rosenberg Publishing

100 choice plants are described together with their cultivation and propagation requirements. Helpful suggestions on companion planting.

*The Dry Gardening Handbook    pp 208 2008 - EN

ISBN 978-0-500-51407-8

Filippi, Olivier Thames & Hudson 

Two sections, the first dedicated to background information on plants and drought, the second a comprehensive A-Z listing of 500 perennials, shrubs and climbers. A fantastic source of ideas and (also purchase the catalogue from Pépiniére Filippi – a bargain at €10 – see links on site www.jardin-sec.com )

*Alternatives au Gazon (Hardcover)  pp 238 2011 - FR

ISBN-13: 978-2742798919

Filippi, Olivier Actes Sud 

The quality of this books puts it head and shoulders above any other advice on the subject of lawn removal and alternative planting. Specific recommendations for various situations give confidence to those seeking inspiration to get rid of their lawn and enter the wonderful world of appropriate gardening. The photos and plant lists show the thorough research and scientific approach of the author. Even if you are waiting for the English edition, this first edition in French will inspire and inform.

*Mediterranean Gardening    pp 208 1995 - EN

ISBN 84-273-0749-7

Gildemeister, Heidi Editorial Moll 

Planning and designing gardens for limited rainfall with a list of 1000 drought tolerant plants.

The Nature of Mediterranean Europe – an ecological history  pp 384 2003 - EN

ISBN 0-300-10055-8

Grove A T and Oliver Rackham Yale Univ Press

A book to challenge the view that the Mediterranean “Eden” has been destroyed by human mismanagement. Written in a very accessible style the reader will develop a deeper and broader understanding of the place of a gardener and learn to appreciate better the range of variables which shape the horticulture and agriculture in the landscape.

Agaves, Yuccas and Related Plants  pp 312 2000 - EN

ISBN 0-88192-442-3

Irish, Mary and Garry Timber Press 

A gardener’s guide to this useful and beautiful selection of plants for the dry garden.

Australian plants: a guide to their cultivation in Europe 1997  pp  - EN

Irons J and Ross T

*The Mediterranean Gardener  pp 159 1990 - EN

ISBN 0-7112-0631-7

Latymer, Hugo Frances Lincoln 

Design, maintenance and a list of more than 300 plants for Mediterranean climates with useful notes on individual plant requirements. One of the first books dedicated to Med gardening.

*Gardens of the Sun    pp 208 1996 - EN

ISBN 0-88192-365-6

Nottle, Trevor The Timber press 

Creative approaches to solving the problems of gardening in warm dry climates.

Plants for Mediterranean Climate Gardens    pp 2004 - EN

ISBN 1-877058-14-9

Nottle, Trevor Rosenberg Publishing

*Garden Plants for Mediterranean Climates    pp 240 2002 - EN

ISBN 1-86126-548-4

Payne, Graham The Crowood Press

An introduction to over 1000 plants suited to Mediterranean gardens with details on characteristics especially water requirements. Useful to help a novice Mediterranean gardener get started

Conservatory and Indoor Plants (plants for warm climates) 2 vols.    pp 605 1998 - EN

ISBN 0-330-37375-7

Phillips, Roger and Martin Rix Pan Books 

Excellent photos of over 1300 plants for subtropical gardens. The text describes the most important characteristics of each plant followed by country of origin, habitat and flowering times in the wild. There are brief notes on cultivation and likely minimum temperatures for survival.

The Gardener´s Guide to S African Plants    pp 368 1993 - EN

ISBN 1-86826-282-0

Pitta J Tafelberg Publishers Ltd 

Subtropical and Dry Climate Plants  pp 256 2006 - EN

ISBN 0-8819-2808-9

Rix, Martyn The Timber Press 

*Sunset Western Garden Book    pp 624 2001 - EN

ISBN 0-376-03875-6

Sunset Publishing 

The classic garden tome for the west coast of the USA. 6000 plants, 24 climate zones and basic garden data for each plant. Limited illustration.

*Sun Drenched Gardens    pp 176 2002 - EN

Smithen, Jan and Lucinda Lewis - Harry N Abrams Inc

An inspirational book for design and layout ideas. 200 photos show soft & hard landscapes.

The Looking Glass Garden: plants and gardens of the southern hemisphere  pp 451 2001 - EN

ISBN 0-88192-499-7

Thompson, Peter The Timber Press 

Part travelogue, part inspiration. The book focuses on the role of southern hemisphere plants can play in gardens. Mentioning nearly 1500 plants the author emphasizes garden situations and categories.

Making a Garden on a Greek Hillside    pp 247 1998 - EN

ISBN 960-7120-14-0

Tyrwhitt, Mary Jaqueline Mediterranean Garden Society

A month by month account of making a garden on a stony and arid hillside. The story of the beginning of the Mediterranean Garden Society’s own garden in Greece.

Grow South African Plants    pp 440 1998 - EN

ISBN 1-919684-15-8

Voget, Caroline (editor) National Botanical Institute, Kirstenbosch 

Waterwise Gardening 3rd edition    pp 2004 - EN

ISBN 1-877069-01-9

Walsh, Kevin Reed New Holland