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Associação de plantas e jardins em climas mediterrânico  -  Mediterranean Gardening Association Portugal

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Associação de Plantas e Jardins     em Climas Mediterrânico

Mediterranean Gardening    Association Portugal

To promote Mediterranean plants and gardens, through education, cultivation, conservation and recognition of their communal, environmental and economic importance in our everyday lives.


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The aims of the Association

We hold meetings and events relevant to members interests. These include visits to gardens and nurseries, workshops on technical and scientific aspects of Mediterranean gardening and talks from expert speakers.

Rose pergola in Alentejo gardenView of Coimbra Botanic Garden in spring

The success of the group depends on the participation of members and should reflect their interests and needs.

If you are interested in taking a more active role in the organising of events or in the running of the Mediterranean Gardening Association, or if you still have any other questions, please contact the Secretary APEJECM, who would love to hear from you - email me here

MGAP is a not for profit association, formally constituted in Portugal which acts as a forum for everyone who has a special interest in Mediterranean horticulture, gardens and plants.

We are also part of the wider network of like minded people from around the world.

Our association web site contains articles on diverse aspects of Mediterranean gardening as well as news, notices, practical information and comments.

Join us and share gardening experiences, information, events and photos of mediterranean zone gardening and have some fun along the way.



Welcome to the Mediterranean Gardening Association Portugal

Almond blossom Cistus ladanifer  Narcissus wilkommi  Clematis ‘Roguchi’

Dedicated to plants and gardens of the Mediterranean climate zones created by an international group of enthusiastic gardeners.

Some may have a residence in a Mediterranean country, and others who may not, but they all have a love of these places and their cultures.

The association was founded after the recent changes in national legislation. Earlier events and activities were part of the Mediterranean Garden Society.


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